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Q: What is the number of times Americans move?
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Express the number 0.000723 in specific notation?

7.23x10^-4. Move the decimal place to the right. The number of times you move the decimal is the same number as the exponent.

How many times did the Isrealites move around in the desert?

Not a specific number of times....they were in the desert for 40 years.

How do you divide a small number by a larger number and they both have decimals?

Count the number of digits after the large number and move the decimal to the right that many times Move the decimal of the smaller to the right the same number of times as you did the large number Use long division to get answer Example 1.77/ 3.1 = 17.7/31 = 0.571

How do you write a fraction as a present?

you divide the top number by the bottom number then move the decimal over to the right two times.

To find largest of 10 numbers?

Start Do 10 times read number if number > highest-number move number to highest-number end DO Print higest-number. end

What is 0.63 times 10?

6.3; you move the decimal to the right one time for each zero (in a number divisible by ten) you multiply by. ex: 0.63 times 100= 63.0; times 1,000= 630.0; times 10,000= 6,300.0 move decimal to the left if you are dividing.

How do you convert -38600000 to scientific notation?

-38,600,000. take the decimal place and move it to the left until you have only one number left of the decimal place... like this -3.86 now count out how many times you move over the decimal place... you move it 7 times. multiply your number of -3.86 by 107 -3.86*107

How does the second addend determine the direction to move on the number line?

If it says add -7 your going left on the number line 7 times

How do you put a number in decimal form?

use the invisible decimal at the end and move it 2 times to the left!

What is this number in standard form 2 times 5 times 5?

2 × 5 × 5 = 50 For non-Americans, in standard form: 50 = 5 × 10^1.

What is 364941 times ten to the eighth power?

36494100000000When you are multiplying a number by ten to the (blank) power, simply move the decimal point however many places to the right as the number of the power. If the number in the power is negative, move it to the left that many places

What is 964 times 1000?

964 * 1,000 = 964,000(All you need to do is move the decimal point to the right. You have to do it 3 times in this case but if your number was being multiplied by 10, you would only move it one place to the right.)