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The "subset."

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Q: What is the number outside the ven diagram call?
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When was the oven discovered?

The oven was discovered by O. Ven, for whom it is named, who also discovered the Ven diagram.

How can make a ven diagram?

qkzkkz zkkz z

Which form of prewriting is most useful for a how to paragraph?

ven diagram

What is ven diagram?

Look it here:

How do you write a ven diagram Compareing farming by land and mechanical reaper?

do something do something

How do you say Come outside in Spanish?

Ven acá fuera!

How do you Prove De Morgans law through Venn diagram overlapping sets?

using ven diagram prove de morgans law

Who invented the convection oven?

Oscar Ven, for whom the oven is named. He also invented the Ven diagram.

Who invented the Ven diagram?

Ven diagrams were invented by John Venn in the late 19th century. Venn diagrams are used in mathematics and logic to visualize the relationships between different sets or groups.

What is the birth name of Ven Gethenian?

Ven Gethenian's birth name is Ven Hosky.

What is a vent diagram?

perhaps you mean ven diagram? that's a diagram made of circles which overlap. for example, in an area you could take a survey of the number of black, white, and mixed race people. one circle would denote white people, one would denote black people, and the area in the middle, where the circles overlap, would denote people of mixed race. possibly not the best examples, but it's the best i can do

What is the difference between potential and kinetic energy in a ven diagram?

Potential energy is energy a body has due to its position. Kinetic energy is energy a body has due to its motion.