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The perimeter is 24 inches.

Each side is 6 inches.

(8 times the length of one side) minus (24 inches) = 48 - 24 = 24 inches

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Q: What is the perimeter of a square that is 8 times the length of 1 side minus 24 inches?
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What is the perimeter of a square piece of plywood that is 8 times the length of 1 side minus 24?

24 inches

How do you find diagonal of rectangle when perimeter and width are known?

Length = (1/2 of perimeter) minus (Width) Diagonal = square root of [ (Length)2 + (Width)2 ]

The perimeter of a rectangle is 232 inches The length exceeds it by 68 inches Find the length and width?

Do-it-in-your-head method: 1. Length + width is half the perimeter ie 116 in 2. 116 minus 68 is 48, half of 48 is 24 which is the width, making the length 92 in

The length of a rectangle is 6 inches more than twice its width If the perimeter of the rectangle is 54 inches find the width of the rectangle?

Do-it-in-your-head method: Length + width is half the perimeter which is 27 inches; 27 minus 6 is 21 and one-third of 21 is 7 which is the width. (Length = 2 x 7 + 6 = 20)

What is the length of a rectangle if the perimeter is 36 centimeters?

The length is (18 centimeters) minus (the width)

How would you find the width if you only know the perimeter and length?

If it's a rectangle, just minus the length from the perimeter twice and than divide what you have by 2. Width = (Perimeter - (length*2))/2

How do find the width?

Perimeter = Width x 2 + length x 2. To find width, you minus the length from perimeter because opposite of ADD is SUBTRACT.

What the formula for width?

For a regular four-sided figure, area divided by length or half the perimeter minus the length.

How do you find the area of a rectangle using perimeter and width?

Perimeter minus two times the width will give you the two times the length. Area is found by multiplying the length by the width.

Who discovered Herons formula?

In geometry, Heron's (or Hero's) formula, named after Heron of Alexandria, states that the area A of a triangle whose sides have lengths a, b, and c is square root of semi perimeter multiply by semi perimeter minus a multiply by semi perimeter minus b multiply by semi perimeter minus c.

What is 225 square feet - 132 inches?


What are allrectangles whose dimensions are whole nos and their area and perimeter is same?

To be perfectly correct about it, a perimeter and an area can never be equal.A perimeter has linear units, while an area has square units.You probably mean that the perimeter and the area are the same number,regardless of the units.It's not possible to list all of the rectangles whose perimeter and area are thesame number, because there are an infinite number of such rectangles.-- Pick any number you want for the length of your rectangle.-- Then make the width equal to (double the length) divided by (the length minus 2).The number of linear units around the perimeter, and the number of square unitsin the area, are now the same number.

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