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5 meters

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2011-02-28 16:48:30
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Q: What is the perimeter of a square with 1.25 meter sides?
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One square meter is how much meter?

A metre is a distance - a square metre is an area. A square metre is the area occupied by a square which is 1 metre long on all sides. It is also the area occupied by any rectangle whose sides, when multiplied together, give a figure of 10,000 square centimetres... so a rectangle with sides of 50 centimetres and 200 centimetres, or a rectangle with sides of 80 centimetres and 125 centimetres.... and so on.

How much greater is the perimeter of a square with area 250 square feet than a square with area 125 feet?

Suppose the sides of the bigger and smaller squares are A and B units respectively. Then A2 / B2 = 250/125 = 2 So that A/B = sqrt(2) = 1.4142 (to 4 dp)

A box with no top has a square base and a volume of 125m3 If the material for the bottom costs 5 per square meter and 2 per square meter for the sides express the cost as a function of the length?

This solution should be right assuming length refers to the dimension that is not part of the square side:V = 125125 = L x W2W2 = 125 / LW = (125 / L)1/2C = 5W2 + 2(4 x L x W)C = (625 / L) + 8L(125 / L)1/2

What is 25x5 meter converted to feet?

25 x 5 represents an area of 125 square meters. You can convert it to only square feet and not feet. A meter is 3.28 feet approximately. One square meter would be equivalent to 3.28 x 3.28 = 10.76 square feet. Now it should be easy to find the number of square feet in 125 square meters. Try it. You can do it. Good luck!

What is the surface area of a pyramid with area of the base 20 slant height 7 and perimeter of the base 30?

It is 125 square units.

If the volume of a cube is 125 then what is the total surface area?

A cube that equals 125 is 5x5x5. It has six sides that are 5x5 25x6=150 square units.

What are the dimensions of 125 acres?

For a square-shaped lot, each of the four sides would be about 2,333.45 feet long.

What is 125 meter in feet?

125 meters = ~410.1 feet

Which is greater one meter or 125 centimeters?

125 centimeters

How big is 125 square feet?

well if you measure 125 square feet i believe you will find it to be 125 square feet.

What shape has the largest volume?

A square. Think of a square and rectangle, a square can have L:4 W:4 A rectangle can have a L:8 W:2, area wise these 2 are equal at 16. When you find the perimeter, the rectangle adds up to 20 while the square is only 16. When you make the perimeter equal which is making the square sides equal to 5, that would make the area of the square increase to 25 now instead of 16. When you add a height to it, lets say 5, the volume would increase to 125 while the rectangle with equal perimeter and same height would only equal only 80. You can compare this with any other shape.

What are the measurements of the Eiffel tower?

The Eiffel Tower is 324 meters high, it sits on a 125 square meter base, and it has three levels.

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