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It depends on which country you are in and where you want to post it to!

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Q: What is the postage rate for a letter more than one fourth inch thick?
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Exactly where on a first class letter do you place the postage stamp?

top right hand corner about a quarter of an inch from the sides

Where is a fourth of an inch on a ruler?

a fourth is a quarter so a quarter or an inch

What is larger one eight of an inch or one fourth of an inch?

one fourth.

What is the meaning of fourth of an inch?

That means 1/4 of an inch . The quarter value of a whole inch. Example: Suppose this is an Inch in length < _ _ _ _ > A fourth of an inch is this <_>

Is 0.02 inch less than one fourth inch?

Yes. One fourth inch is 0.25 inch. That is much larger than 0.02 inch.

How long is one fourth in inches?

One fourth [of an inch] = exactly a quarter of an inch!

Is one-half inch drywall actually one-half inch thick?

No, one-half inch drywall is not actually one-half inch thick. It is typically around 0.48 inches thick.

How much postage needed for 6 inch x 8 inch envelope?


Does it take additional postage for a 6 X 9 inch envelope?

Size limits:- Rectangular; length is the dimension parallel to the address.- At least 3-1/2 inches high by 5 inches long by 0.007 inch thick- No more than 6-1/8 inches high by 11-1/2 inches long by 1/4 inch thick- Up to 3.5 ounces- Surcharge will apply for nonmachinable letterSo, as long as it is rectangular, NO. The maximum without additional postage is in bold. If it is larger than that, yes additional fees apply.

How thick is 31 mil?

how thick is .31 of an inch.

How much postage do you need to mail a 4 x 4 inch envelope in the US?

1st class letter price which is 46 cents as of Oct 2013

How much is a postage stamp today?

As of January 22, 2012, US Postage is 45 cents. That is valid for an one ounce machinable letter, mailed in a letter-sized envelope and no thicker than one-quarter inch. It also must not contain any rigid, such as cardboard, keys or pens.