What is the precise punctual?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: What is the precise punctual?
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What do the words 'punctual' and 'chronometer' have in common?

Both 'punctual' and 'chronometer' are related to timekeeping. 'Punctual' refers to being on time or prompt in keeping to a schedule, while a 'chronometer' is a precise timepiece used for measuring time accurately.

What is some synonyms for the word accuracy?

What ARE some synonyms for the word accuracy? exact - precise - correct - true - strict - punctual

What is the comparative and superlative of punctual?

The comparative is more punctual; the superlative is most punctual.

Another word for being on time?

punctual? =0/

What part of speech is punctual?

Punctual is an adjective.

If Tall is to short then tardiness is to?


What is the Suffix of punctual?

The suffix of "punctual" is "-al".

How do you use the word punctual in a sentence?

Bob is my most punctual student.I am a punctual person; I am always on time.

How do you write punctual in a sentence?

He made it a point to always be punctual. You must be punctual to an interview or you are starting off on a bad foot.

What is a prefix for punctual?

One possible prefix for "punctual" is "im-," as in "impunctual." This would change the meaning to the opposite of being punctual.

What personification is in Nothing but the Truth?

One example of personification in "Nothing But the Truth" is when Mr. Lunser, the school principal, is described as having a clock in his head. This means that he is always precise and punctual with his actions and decisions.

How can we call a person who is always punctual on time?

do you know someone who is alwys punctual