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Q: What is the probability of a coin landing heads up twice and tales up once if tossed 3 times?
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If a fair coin is tossed ten times what is the probability of getting five heads?

The probability of getting five heads out of 10 tosses is the same as the probablity of getting five tales out of ten tosses. One. It will happen. When this happens, you will get zero information. In other words, this is the expected result.

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ok when you login go to flip the coin and by the way there is no order its radom but you can trick it sometimes click heads if tales try tales again but if heads try heads intill tales than when it lands on tales click tales again and if heads offer about 100 credits and than click tales keep doing that intill rape time with the d caws i have about 16480 and iam not a member lol have fun trying if you do not get these steps add me (sector 9) have fun trying ( =

If you toss a coin 1000 times what is the probability of getting tales?

1 in 2

What is the probility of getting two tales when flipped twice?

25% probability. (4 possibilities, 1 yielding that result)

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