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Q: What is the process of creating a geometric drawing through the use of a compass and straightedge?
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Geometric figure made with a straightedge and compass?

A construction. A contruction is a geometric drawing of a figure usually made by a compass and a straightedge.

Using a straight edge and compass make geometric figures?

A construction. A construction is a geometric drawing of a figure usually made by a compass and/or a straightedge

What is the difference between drawing a geometric figure and constructing a geometric figure?

Drawing is creating a figure without tools (i.e. a ruler, a compass, etc.) Constructing is creating a figure with tools.

Should students use a compass and straightedge or drawing programs?

They should be required to use drawing programs because they are more efficient and kids understand them better.

What are some problems using a drawing program and not a compass and straight egde?

You might not understand angles and shapes as well with a drawing program, even though it requires a little bit more effort with a compass and straightedge. You would just create shapes without understanding how they were made or what the postulates and theorems and stuff mean. To sum it up, each have their own problems and advantages, but using a compass and a straightedge lets you see deeper into the way shapes and angles work :) ugh I hate using a compass and straightedge in geometry lol :)>

What is the difference between constructing and drawing geometric figures?

Constructing geometric figures means with the help of a compass, protractor and a scale with accurate measurement. Drawing may just be drawing rough figures with no accurate measurement.

Is a geometric compass a simple or complex machine?

A geometric compass is considered a simple machine because it only has one main moving part that enables it to perform its function of drawing circles and arcs.

What is a geometic drawing that uses a limites set of tools usually a compass and a straightedge?

A circle and perpendicular lines can be constructed using the given tools.

What is geometric drawing?

it is a drawing tha uses geometric functions

How is compass is useful in geometry?

Drawing circles, bisecting angles and creating perpendicular lines just to name a few

Who invented the compass used in Geometry?

The first proportional compasses were invented in the mid sixteenth century. Galileo invented a geometric and military compass in Padua in 1597. With his compass it was possible to make all sorts of arithmetical and geometrical calculations, from calculating interest to square and cube roots to drawing polygons and surveying.

What toolbar do you use to add geometric shapes in a powerpoint presentation?