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Q: What is the reinforcement delivery system that enables teachers to tailor the system based on the unique characteristics of students in a classroom?
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Effectiveness of positive reinforcement in classroom?

Positive reinforcement is very effective in classrooms. If you positively reinforce students in a classroom with anything from 5 mins free time to a tangible reinforcer or even verbal priase you will see an increase in the behaviour you are reinforcing. You must make sure when reinforcing an individual with something that they really and truly want what you are offering. If you do not see a change in the individuals behaviour, they are likely not being effectively reinforced. You can do positive reinforcement methods in classrooms like a Token Economy or individual reinforcement. I would say if you are considering using positive reinforcement techniques in a classroom to do some research on Applied Behaviour Analysis. There is tons of literature on the effectiveness of positive reinforcement and tips and techniques to improve the classroom.

Teacher characteristics that may inhibit learning in classroom?

Some teacher characteristics that may inhibit learning in the classroom include lack of subject knowledge, poor communication skills, inability to engage students effectively, and having a negative attitude towards teaching and the students. These characteristics can create barriers to learning and hinder students' ability to absorb and retain information.

What are characteristics of an effective science classroom?

An effective science classroom would include a well informed teacher, and interested students. Up to date textbooks are also helpful.

What are the characteristics of an effective science classroom?

A good teacher, students that pay attention, and pencils that have really good erasers.

What are the characters in the book the classroom at the end of the hall?

The main characters in the book "The Classroom at the End of the Hall" are likely the students and the teacher who interact in the classroom setting. The specific characters and their characteristics would vary depending on the story and the author's interpretation.

How do you keep a classroom organized?

by organizing yourself;students,classroom

What are Things found in a classroom that start with x?

Students study x-rays in a classroom at a medical school. Students study the xylophone in a classroom at a music school.

What is the function of classroom?

the function of a classroom is to hold the students, so they can learn

What is Behavioral approach in education?

The behavioral approach in education focuses on modifying behavior through reinforcement and rewards. It emphasizes observable actions and uses strategies like positive reinforcement, shaping, and modeling to encourage desired behavior. This approach is often used to teach specific skills and encourage students to engage in desired behaviors in the classroom.

What is the maximum number of students in a classroom in Ohio?

25 children is mximun in the classroom!

What is an e-classroom?

An e-classroom is one that is offered virtually. Students don't have to go to a physical classroom to get their education.

What is an e classroom?

An e-classroom is one that is offered virtually. Students don't have to go to a physical classroom to get their education.