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It varies, on average your armspan would be close to or equal to your height (usually give or take about 2 to 3 cm's)Arm span measurement is a simple measure that's important in the anthropometrical profiling of athletes in many sports in which reach is important, such as rowing, boxing and Basketball.

A. For Growth Assessment:

B. Measurement1. Extend both hands outward (parallel to the floor)2. Measure finger tip to Finger tip

C. Normal results1. Children: Arm span is 1 cm shorter than height2. Adolescent: Arm span is same length as height3. Adult: Arm span exceeds height by more than 5 cm

D. Longer arm spans1. Boys2. African American descent

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Q: What is the relationship between height and arm span?
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Is there a relationship between your arm span and height?


What is the relationship between height and arm length?

The length of one arm is about 40% of your height

Meaning of sitting height and arm span?

Arm span is a measure of the arm

What is the height of someone with an arm span of 66 inches?

Arm span is approximately equal to a person's height. So the predicted height of a person with an arm span of 66in is also 66in.

Is your arm span longer than your height?

It is relatively the same your height and arm span may be 3 in off but it is rather close:)

How do i find the correlation between height and arm span in people 19-45?


What is the arm span of the average man?

It is equaled to his height.

How many cm is 1 arm span?

Arm span or reach (also known as wingspan) is the physical measurement of the length from one end of an individual's arms (measured at the fingertips) to the other when raised parallel to the ground at shoulder height at a one-hundred eighty degree angle. The average reach correlates to the person's height. So, it is impossible to say how many centimeters is YOUR arm span or MY arm span without measuring it first. For example, my arm span is 183cm.

How long is a 5'5 person's arm span?

For the average person, the arm span is going to match the height. However, it can vary by several inches in either direction.

What is Revised physical fitness?

the revised physical fitness are height taking, weight taking, sitting height, and arm span.

How tall is a person whose arm span is 74 inches tall?

For the average person, the arm span is going to match the height. However, it can vary by several inches in either direction.

If a patient is unable to stand you can measure their height by?

Measuring their arm span from the tips of the middle fingers

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