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Q: What is the significant of interdental sluice-way?
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What is the medical term meaning pertaining to between the teeth?

The medical term for pertaining to between the teeth is interdental.

What is an Interdental space?

An interdental space refers to the area between two adjacent teeth within the same arch of the mouth. It is the space where dental floss or interdental brushes can be used to clean in between the teeth. Maintaining good oral hygiene in interdental spaces is crucial for preventing plaque buildup and gum disease.

What is another term for interdental gingiva?

internal papilla

What should you use for interdental cleaning?

Floss is used for cleaning between teeth.

What is the medical term pertaining to between the teeth?

Interdental is the medical term meaning pertaining to between the teeth.

Why does a horse have an interdental space?

The short answer is.. we don't know! The theory is that as horses evolved from foraging small rabbit sized creatures (look up eohippus) to larger grazers the interdental space developed to allow the eyes to be higher off the ground while the horses front teeth were on the ground ie. grazing. This is supported by the fact that the development of the elongated interdental space was not gradual but occurred relativly suddenly in the Mioscine when the evolving horse species became obligate grazers.

What has the author Arnold A Gaerny written?

Arnold A. Gaerny has written: 'Removable closure of the interdental space (C.I.S.)' -- subject(s): Prosthodontics, Dentistry 'Removable closure of the interdental space (C.I.S.) With special consideration of the construction technique for individually milled attachments' -- subject(s): Partial dentures

What is the name for removing plaque from the proximal surface?

Interdental cleaning is the process of removing plaque and food debris from the proximal surfaces of teeth using tools like dental floss or interdental brushes. It is an important part of oral hygiene to prevent cavities and gum disease in hard-to-reach areas between teeth.

When a woman has a gap between her teeth what does this mean?

it means she has interdental space greater than normal... she has diastema greater than normal

What is the diastema of a goat?

Diastema is a space or cleft eg the space in the dental arch between the incisors and canines and the cheek teeth which is also called the interdental space

What is a bitewing?

A bitewing is a radiograph taken to visualize the crowns of the posterior teeth and the height of the alveolar bone in relation to the cementoenamel junctions, commonly used to examine for interdental caries and recurrent caries under existing restorations.

Which sound is part of the English sound system but not a part of the Spanish sound system?

The "th" sound as in "think" is part of the English sound system but not part of the Spanish sound system. Spanish does not have this interdental fricative sound.