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You solve an inequality in exactly the same was as you solve an equation, by doing the same thing to both sides. The only difference is if you multiply/divide by a negative number, when you have to turn the inequality around.

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Q: What is the similarities of solving equations and inequalities?
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How are the rules for solving inequalities similar to those for solving equations?

Solving inequalities and equations are the same because both have variables in the equation.

Why is it important to know various techniques for solving systems of equations and inequalities?

It is important to know several techniques for solving equations and inequalities because one may work better than another in a particular situation.

Why should you clear fractions when solving liner equations and inequalities?

it often simplifies arithmetic

What is the Bogomol'nyi bound?

Bogomol'nyi-Prasad-Sommerfield bound is a series of inequalities for solutions. This set of inequalities is useful for solving for solution equations.

What does it mean by solving linear systems?

Solving linear systems means to solve linear equations and inequalities. Then to graph it and describing it by statical statements.

Why should you clear decimals when solving linear equations and inequalities?

It makes it allot less confusing. But, that is just my opinion.

What is the difference between inequalities and equations using adding?

equations have an = sign, inequalities do not

You know that equations and inequalities have different solution symbols, therefore, how many solutions will each one of them have when solving for the variable?


What are the steps to solving equations and inequalities?

Just keep doing the same thing to both sides of the equation at every step.

How do you study for algebra 1 finals?

Study everything - that's your best bet. Important subjects probably include: Polynomials, Exponents, Radicals, Solving Equations, Solving Inequalities, Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities, Lines, Word Problems, Systems of Equations (2x2's), Factoring, Division of Polynomials, Quadratics, Parabolas, Complex Numbers, Algebraic Fractions, Functions

Are there similarities between an equation and an inequality?

Inequalities and equations are both the same because they are both mathematical expression and they both use the same steps EXCEPT for the end. Inequalities and equations are both different because equations have an equal sign, the answer is not an interval, and the answer is a specific answer. Not a range. While inequalities don't have an equal sign, its answer is an interval, and it's answer is in a range.

What is one important difference between solving equations and solving inequalities?

One important difference between solving equations and solving inequalities is that when you multiply or divide by a negative number, then the direction of the inequality must be reversed, i.e. "less than" becomes "greater than", and "less than or equal to" becomes "greater than or equal to".Actually, from a purist's sense, the reversal rule also applies with equations. Its just that the reversal of "equals" is still "equals". The same goes for "not equal to".

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