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Any room where the length times the width equals 638.

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Q: What is the size of a room that is 638 square feet?
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How big is 638 square feet?

The answer depends on the context. It is incredibly huge for a room, but small for a sports stadium.

How many square yards are in 638 square feet?

Total square yards: 70.89

How many square yards in an area 25 feet wide by 23 feet long?

9 square feet = 1 square yard Area = 25' x 23' = 575 square feet = 638/9 square yards

638 meters equals how many feet?

638 meters = 2,093.175 feet

How many boxes of laminate flooring would you need if each box covers 2.22msq for a room 14ft x 14ft?

14' x 14' = 196 square feet = 18.21 square meters. (rounded) At 2.22 square meters per box, that's 8.2 boxes. (rounded) Depending on the size and shape of the pieces in the box, you might need to cut some of them to finish around the edges.

How may work in tilesetting be said to be in great demand?

U.S. tile factories produced a record 638 million square feet of tile in 2002. Domestic factory revenues climbed 8 percent. Factory shipments, including imports, grew 15.7 percent to 2.63 billion square feet.

How high is the Eagle Mountain in Northern Ireland?

It is about 638 metres or about 2093 feet.

What are the dimensions of 5683 acres?

5 638 acre = 245 591 280 square foot 5 638 acre = 22.81 square kilometer 5 638 acre = 8.809 square mile These are, of course, areas. You could have a parcel 2 miles on one side and 4.4 miles on the other side, and have aproximately 5683 acres (8.8 square miles). Without knowing one dimension, it's not possible to determine the other dimensions. However, these areas should give you a better visualization of the amount of space involved.

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1 foot = 0.3048 metres. So 45km = 45000 metres = 45000/0.3048 ft = 147 638 feet.

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