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Q: What is the smallest number of laboratory thermometer?
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What is least count of laboratory thermometer?

The least count of a laboratory thermometer typically ranges from 0.1°C to 0.5°C, depending on the precision and accuracy of the thermometer. This value indicates the smallest temperature difference that can be measured and displayed by the thermometer.

What is the function of the laboratory thermometer?

A Thermometer is a Laboratory Equipment that measures temperature.

What is the smallest number on the thermometer?

It depends on the temperature range the thermometer was designed to measure

What is a laboratory thermometer?

A laboratory thermometer is used to check the temperature, or changes in temperature, of an object with precise accuracy.

Which apparatus is more accurate clinical thermometer or laboratory thermometer?

Lab thermometer.

What are the four different types of thermometer?

1. Clinical Thermometer 2. Laboratory Thermometer 3.

Why is there no kink in a laboratory thermometer?


What are the parts to a laboratory thermometer?

its food

Is a laboratory thermometer a physical thermometer?

yes because the one who answered it is ugly

What is the Smallest thermometer unit?

On a medical or room thermometer the smallest unit that you are likely to come across is 1 degree.

Can you use laboratory thermometer to measure your body?

Yes, a laboratory thermometer can be used to measure body temperature. However, it may not be as convenient or accurate as a clinical thermometer that is specifically designed for measuring body temperature. It is important to ensure proper cleaning and sterilization of the laboratory thermometer before and after use on the body.

How do you read a laboratory thermometer?

To read a laboratory thermometer, look at the level of the liquid inside the thermometer that corresponds to the temperature. The temperature is usually indicated next to the liquid level in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. Make sure to read the thermometer at eye level and take note of the precise measurement.