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Q: What is the speed of the snail in problem 7 in inches per minute?
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How to solve math problems in inches?

An important part of any mathematical problem is to make sure that the units of measurement are standardised. If a problem quotes lengths in yards, feet and inches and the answer has to be expressed in inches then the yards and feet measurements need to be converted to inches. Equally, is the speed of a caterpillar crawling along a twig is measured in inches per minute but the speed needs to be expressed in miles per hour then two lots of conversions are required ; inches to miles and seconds to hours. A set of conversion tables for both imperial and metric measurements are essential for this kind of work.

How far can the fastest snail travel in an hour?

The garden snail is the fastest land snail. It can travel at a speed of 0.03 miles per hour. Snails are gastropods that move by crawling on a single foot.

A car moving at a constant speed travels 88 feet in 2 seconds How many feet does it travel in one minute?

30 times as much, since a minute has 60 seconds.

How do you convert revolutions per minute to degree?

to convert revolutions per minute into the measure of degrees traveled, you would need to know for how long those revolutions were going on. revolutions per minute multiplied by the time it was turning gives you the degrees traveled. just like speed * time gives you distance, rotational speed * time gives you rotated distance

How long does it take to travel one nautical mile?

Just like any other unit of distance, it all depends on your speed. For example . . . -- If your speed is one knot, then it takes 1 hour. -- If your speed is 60 knots, then it takes one minute. -- If your speed is 3,600 knots, then it takes one second.

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What is a snail's speed?

Snails move about 3 inches (8cm) per minute.

What speed to snails go at?

A garden snail goes to a speed of 0.03 mph. An average snail gets 2.36 inches in a minute, and per day about 2.8 m.

When The snail moved 6 inches in 120 minutes. What was the average speed of the snail in inches per minutes?

1/20 of an inch per minute 1 inch per 20 minutes

How far does a snail move in one minute?

Snail SpeedSnails move by alternating body contractions with stretching, with a proverbially low speed (1 mm/s) is a typical speed for an adult. So to answer your question that would be about 60 mm or 2.36 inches per minute on average depending on the exact type of snail and terrain.

What is a snail's speed in millimeters per minute?

A 2013 study from the University of Exeter, UK, determined that the top speed of a common garden snail is about one metre or 1000 mm per hour,which equals about 16.6 mm per minute.

How many feet will a snail travel in 4.80 hours if it moves at an average speed of 1.26 inches per minute?

1.26 inches per min. * 60 = 75.6 inches per hour.4.80 hours * 75.6 inches per hour = 362.88 inches traveled.362.88 inches / 12 = 30.24 feet traveled.

What is is the speed of a snail?

Garden snail, 0.03 mph

Is inches per week a unit of speed?

Yes, it is; distance/time is a speed determination. However, it would only be a USEFUL metric if we were talking about the speed of a snail, or moss growing.

What is the speed of a land snail?

Garden snail, 0.03 mph

What is speed for a garden snail in kilometers per hour?

the speed of garden snail in kilometres per hour is 0.048 km/h

When was One Light Year at Snail Speed created?

One Light Year at Snail Speed was created in 2003.

Which is slower sloth or snail?

Ok, In speed a snail would be slower than a sloth.

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