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The state of matter would be solid, because 25 degrees Celsius is "room Temp."

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Q: What is the state of matter of lead at 25 degrees Celsius?
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What is the state of lead at 25 degrees Celsius?

It is a solid.

What metal is solid at 470 celsius?

Lead is a metal that is solid at 470 degrees Celsius. It has a melting point of 327.5 degrees Celsius, so it would be in its solid state at 470 degrees Celsius.

What state is lead in when it is boiling?

Lead boils at 3180 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, lead changes from a liquid state to a gaseous state.

What is lead's state at 20 degrees Celsius?

at 20 degrees it is liquid. It's freezing point is -61.1 °C or (-78 °F). .

What is the boilling point for lead?

(1749 degrees Celsius, 3180 degrees Fahrenheit)

What common state of matter is lead?

Pure lead melts at about 327 degrees Celsius or 621 degrees Fahrenheit; it boils at about 1749 degrees Celsius or 3180 Fahrenheit. Room temperature is well below either of these so it would be safe to assume that lead would remain a solid in a typical environment.

If lead melts at 620degrees Fahrenheit would a furnace that heats to 200 degrees celsius melt the lead?

No. Because 200 degrees Celsius is 392 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 228 degrees Fahrenheit lower than the 620 degrees Fahrenheit required to melt the lead.

If Lead melts at 601.0 degrees celsius what temperature is this in Fahrenheit?

The melting point of lead in Celsius is 327.46o. Temperature Fahrenheit = Temperature Celsius(1.80) + 32 Temperature Fahrenheit = (327.46o C)(1.80) + 32 = 621.43o Fahrenheit ==============

Is lead a solid or liquid at 100 degrees?

The melting temperature of a substance is dependent upon the pressure and specific volume. The melting temperature of liquid at standard pressure of 1atm (~100kPa) is 0 degrees Celsius.

What happens to lead when its heated from 0-2000 degrees celsius?

Lead undergoes a phase transition from solid to liquid as it reaches its melting point of 327.5 degrees Celsius. As the temperature increases further, the liquid lead will eventually vaporize into a gas at around 1750 degrees Celsius.

Which metal has melting point 327 degrees Celsius?

The metal with a melting point of 327 degrees Celsius is lead.

What degree does lead melt?

Lead melts at a temperature of 621.5 degrees Fahrenheit (327.5 degrees Celsius).