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It is called a Heptagon. The sum of the measures of the angles of a heptagon is 900 degrees. See the related link for more info on types of polygons.

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Q: What is the sum of the measure of the angles in a figure having seven sides?
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What shape has seven sides and seven angles?

It is a heptagon that is a polygon having 7 sides with 7 interior angles.

What is the measure of an angle whose measure is seven times its supplement?

The angles are 157.5 degrees and 22.5 degrees

What does a 7 sided figure look like?

A seven sided figure with equal angles and equal sides is known as a heptagon. It looks similar to a pentagon but has more sides and therefore larger angles.

What is Two angles form a linear pair and The measure of one angle is seven less than twice the measure of the other angle then Find the measures of both angles?

the answer is 22,97

What is the interior measure of each angle in a seven sided polygon?

Total internal angles of an n-sided figure is (2n - 4)right angles Here we have (14 - 4)right angles = 10 x 90 degrees = 900 degrees, hence each angle would be 900/7 = 128.5714 degrees

What is the sum of all angles in a seven sided figure?

7x180-360 or (7-2)x180 900 degrees

What shape has seven angles?

An Octogon. You can figure this out on ANY shape by making triangles within the shape Thanks for using!

What is a 7 side figure?

A seven sided figure would be a heptagon. A Reuleaux heptagon, is a seven sided figure, but having constant diameter. [As seen in some British coins]. But a regular heptagon would have seven equal sides that were each straight.

How many angles does a heptagon has?

A heptagon has seven sides and seven angles

What do all the angles in a seven sided shape add up to 1080 or 900?

1080° because it can be split into 5 triangles, each having 3 angles.

How many degrees are in the measure of an interior angles of a regular seven sided polygon?

A formula for this question is that the total measure of the interior angles of a polygon is 180 degrees multiplied by 2 less than the number of sides. For a seven sided polygon, this formula yields 180 X 5 = 900 degrees.

If the sum of the measures of seven angles of an octagon is 1000 what is the measure of the eighth angle?

80 degrees. The sum of the angles in an octagon is 1080. If 7 sides sum to 1000 degrees you subtract that from 1080.

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