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The box has 6 sides. 2 each of 8 x 9, 8 x 12 and 9 x 12 ie 2 x (72 + 96 + 108) ie 2 x 276 which is 552 sq ins.

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Q: What is the surface area of a box a width 8 inches height of 9 inches and a length of 12 inches?
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What is the surface area of a room that is 176 inches by 158 inches and 96 inches?

The formula of for the surface area of a cuboid is 2(width*height + length*height + length*width) height = 96 width = 176 length = 158 2(176*96 + 158*96 + 158*176) = 119,744 inches2

What are the length width and height of a rectangular prism when the surface area is 720 inches?

The area does not provide sufficient information to determine the length, width and height.

A rectangular prism has a length of 7 inches a width of 4 inches and a height of 12 inches what is the surface area?

1332 inches squared

How do you find the height of a box given the width depth and surface area?

divide surface area by width Sorry It is a little more complicated than that. Surface area = (2 X length X width) + (2 X length X height) + (2 X width X height) Solve for height Surface area - (2 X length X width) = 2height(length + width) (Surface area - (2 X length X width))/2(length + width) = height

How do you convert length times width times height to cubic inches?

length times width times height returns an answer in square inches, provided length, width and height are in inches. Example: 2(inches)*3(inches)*1(inches)=6(inches)*(inches)*(inches) =6(inches)^3=6 cubic inches

What is the surface area of a box that is 7.75x5.5x10.75?

Surface area = 2*(length*width + width+height + height*length) = 370.125 square units.

What is the surface area of a rectangular prism if the width is 6 inches the height is 5 inches and the length is 7 inches?

214 square in.

What is the surface area of a triangular prism is the height is 4 inches width 6 inches and length of 12 inches?

There is not enough information to give an answer.

Surface area of a box?

Double [ (length x width) + (length x height) + (width x height) ]

What is the surface of a closed rectangular box that is 6 inches in length and 5inch's in width and 3 inches in height?

96 inch's to the power of 2

What equls 10 length inches 7 width inches 2 height inches?

A solid shape which has a length of 10 inches, a width of 7 width inches and a height of 2 inches. It could be a cuboid or an ellipsoid or some other shape.

How do you calculate length x width x height in inches?

You jus multiply the length, hight, and width and put your answer in inches