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Shiyali Ramamrita Rangnathan's father name was Ramamrita Ayyar...

So His surname was Ayyar...

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Q: What is the surname of the S R Ranganathan?
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When was S. R. Ranganathan born?

S. R. Ranganathan was born on 1892-08-09.

When did S. R. Ranganathan die?

S. R. Ranganathan died on 1972-09-27.

What has the author C R Ranganathan written?

C. R. Ranganathan has written: 'Fertilisers' -- subject(s): Fertilizer industry

What is Ranganathan's three card system?

It is a method of controlling serial publication and journal in big libraries and information centres, it is devised by sir, S R Ranganathan

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T. Ranganathan died in 1987.

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Ranganathan Francis was born in 1920.

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