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Q: What is the tension in each wire in four boxes each weighing 100N are suspended from a beam?
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A girl whos weight is 200N hangs from a bar supported by two strands of rope what is the tension in each strand?


How do you show algebraic steps for an equation eg 100n equals 300?

If: 100n = 300 Then divide both sides of the equation by 100 to find the value of n:- n = 3

What is the out put force on 100n?

The output force is 100 N.

A 10 kg weighs newtons?

100N roughly on earth

60 percent of 50 equals n?

n = 6050 = 100 Using the criss cross multiplication trick we get 50X60=3000 and 100 X n=100n 3000 = 100n 100 = 100 So 3000÷100=30 and 100n÷100=n. n=30 or 60% of 50 is 30

Calculate the amount of work done if you use a 100N force to push a 50kg box 5m across the kitchen floor?

The work done is calculated using the formula: work = force x distance. In this case, the force is 100N and the distance is 5m. Therefore, the work done is 100N x 5m = 500 Joules.

How much work is exerted when a 100N force is applied over 5m?

The work done is calculated as force multiplied by distance. Therefore, the work done when a 100N force is applied over 5m is 500 Joules (100N * 5m = 500J).

What would a person that weighs 100N be on the moon?

16.6666666666666N or 1/6

What is the mass of an object weighing 100N and is moving at 40 m per s?

The mass of an object can be calculated using the formula mass = weight / acceleration due to gravity. Given that weight = 100N and the acceleration due to gravity is approximately 9.8 m/s^2, the mass of the object would be approximately 10.2 kg.

What is the output force if the input force is 100n?

The output force will be 100N, assuming the system is ideal with no energy losses. This is based on the principle of conservation of energy, where input energy equals output energy in an ideal system.

A body weighs 100N in air and 65N when submerjed in water calculate the upthrust on the body?

The weight of the body in water is reduced by the weight of the water displaced, which is 100N - 65N = 35N. Therefore, the upthrust on the body is 35N.

How heavy is 100newtons in kilos or pounds?

100N is 10.2 kilos or 22.48 pounds.