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A pentagon has five sides; a square has four.

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Q: What is the total number of sides of a pentagon and a square?
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What is the number of sides in a hexagon multiplied by the number of sides in a pentagon?

A hexagon has 6 sides, and a pentagon has 5 sides. Thus, if you were to multiply the number of sides of a hexagon with the number of sides of a pentagon, you would get a total number of 30 sides.

What is a side number?

the multiplied total of the sides of a pentagon (5) and the sides of a hexagon (6)... your answer is 30

How many sides do a nonagon and a pentagon have in total?

A nonagon has nine sides, and a pentagon five, so in total they have 14 sides.

How many side does a pentagon?

The shape of a pentagon has a total of five sides.

Degrees in a pentagon?

In a regular pentagon:The total degree of a pentagon is 540. Since there are 5 sides in a pentagon, your answer is 540/5 = 108The formula for the total degrees in a closed polygon is 180(n-2), where n is the number of sides. For a pentagon, it would be 180(5-2) = 180(3) = 540.

How many pairs of parallel sides do a pentagon and a hexagon have?

a pentagon has 5 sides total, and no parallel sides. A hexagon has 6 sides, so it has 3 parallel sides. any shape with an odd number of equal sides has 0 parallel sides, no matter how many sides it has. every shape with an even number of equal sides will have the # of sides divided by 2 (#/2) of parallel sides.

One side of a regular pentagon measures 4 inches what is the total length of the sides of the pentagon?


Which of these two regular polygons has the larger interior angle pentagon or square?

Each vertex angle of a polygon is composed of an external angle and an interior angle. These two angles are supplementary (total 180°). As the number of sides of a regular polygon increases then the external angle decreases and conversely, the interior angle increases. The interior angle of a regular pentagon (108°) is larger than the interior angle of a square (90°).

How any sides do a nonagon and pentagon have in total?

9 + 5 = 14

Total number of diagonals in pentagon?


How many sides does a pentagon have?

A pentagon has 5 sides; a pentagon is any five-sided polygon. A pentagon has 5 edges. A vertex (plural: vertices) is a point where two or more straight lines meet and a pentagon has 5 vertices.Some objects shaped like a pentagon are Baseball home plates, fire hydrant bolts, and some street signs.

What is the perimeter of a regular pentagon with sides measuring 4 cm?

Pentagon means five sides. If one side is 4cm, then the perimeter which is the total length of all the sides is 4cm multiplied by 5 equals to 20 cm.

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