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Q: What is the total of its interor angles of a hexegon?
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What is 6 angles measure in a hexegon?

60 deg

What does hexegon mean?

A hexagon IS a shape but it's a shape with 6 sides and all the interior angles add up to be 360 degrees.

What would you get if you were to add up the measures of all the interor angles of any hexagon?

720 degrees

Do all parallelograms equal 360 degrees?

Yes because a parallelogram is a quadrilateral and the sum of its interor angles is 360 degrees.

What is the interior angle of a regular polygon that has 10 sides?

Each interor angle will measure 144 degrees So the 10 interior angles will add up to 1440 degrees

How many sides in a hexegon?


How many vertex does a hexegon have?


What dose hexegon mean?

The word "hexegon" has no meaning whatsoever. A hexagon is a closed plane figure bounded by six straight sides.

How many sides would a polygon have if the measure of the interor angle is 8280 degrees?

If all the interior angles add up to 8280 degrees then (8280+360)/180 = 48 sides

Whats the angle of a hexegon?

Hexegon is a misspelling of hexagon (a 6 sided figure) Tio figure the angle, divide the # of sides (in this case 6) by 360 degrees ( the total degrees in a circle) Your answer would be 60 degrees A square (4 sides) has four 90 degree angles Pentagon ( 5 sides) = 72 degrees Septagon (7 sides) - 51. something degrees Octogon ( 8 sides) = 45 degrees Centagon ( 100 sides) = 3.6 degrees Googleplexagon = too complex to calculate

What shape is the 50c coin?

it is a ten sided hexegon

What is the total of interior angles in a nonagon?

what is the total of interior angles of the nonagon