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Q: What is the use of a portion or part of something to represent the whole L?
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What is the use of a portion or part of something to represent the whole?


What is the figure of speech used as whole of a part or part of a whole?

The figure of speech used to represent the whole of a part or part of a whole is called synecdoche. It involves using a specific part of something to represent the entire thing or using the entire thing to represent just a part of it.

What is a fractional portion?

A fractional portion is part of a whole portion

What is the difference between 'portion' and 'proportion'?

Portion is simply a part. Proportion is the fractional ratio of the part to the whole. A good resource for finding definitions online is ==Alternative answer== The reply above is the correct definition. In other way of explaining, portion is "a part of" something and proportion is the relation betwen the dimensions of something.

What is the meaning of the word portion?

The word portion means a part of an amount of something such as if someone wanted a portion of a pie. A slice of pie is equal to a portion of it. It can also be used as a verb such as dividing it between two or more people.

What are fractions that can represent some portion of a whole?

The term fraction means a part of the whole. So one half (1/2) is a fraction. The decimal 0.5 means a half and is also a fraction.

What is a piece of something?


What represent a part of a whole?

A fraction.

What the definition for the word Synecdoche?

Synecdoche is a figure of speech in which a part is used to represent the whole, or vice versa. It involves using a specific part of something to refer to the whole thing, or the whole to refer to a specific part.

What is a small piece of something?

A small piece of something is a fragment or a piece that is smaller in size compared to the whole. It could be a portion or part of a larger object or entity.

Can you define the terms base rate and portion in math?

Base is a number that represents the whole 100%. It is the whole to which something is being compared, usually follows the word of.Rate is the percent that is multiplied times the base that indicates what part of of the base we are trying to compare to. RATE IS NOT A WHOLE NUMBER.Portion is an amount, part, or portion the results from multiplying the base times the rate. BxR. NOT EXPRESSED AS A PERCENT; PORTION IS EXPRESSED AS A NUMBER

What mean the part of something larger?

This typically refers to a component or element that is a part of a bigger whole or system. It suggests that the specific part being referred to is only a portion of the entire entity or concept.