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Without an equality sign the expession given is not an equation.

But if you mean 8 = 42x then the value od x is 8/42

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Q: What is the value of x in the equation 8 42x?
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What is x-42x-8?

if x-42x-8=0 x=-5.12500

What does -2(3x-3) 7x-2 equal?

If you mean: -2(3x-3) = 7x-2 then the value of x works out as 8/13

How do you rewrite the equation y - 42x equals 24 as a function of x?

y-42x = 24 >> Add 42x to both sides << y=24+42x >> Subtract 24 from both sides << y-24=42x >> Divine both sides by 42 << x=(y-24)/42

When x equals 8 and y equals - 4 find the value of 2x - y?

x = 8y = -42x - y = 2(8) - (-4) = 16 + 4 = 20

The solution to x equals -8?

x = -8 already is a solution. If an equation has been changed until the value of x is found, and this value is accurate to the original equation, then the equation has been solved.

-8 plus 7x equals x-50?

-8 + 7x = x - 506x = -42x = -6

What is the value of x in the equation -3x - 8 10?

x = -6

Find the value of x in 2x⅔=8?

I can help you with that. To find the value of x in the equation 2x⅔ = 8, we can follow these steps: Cube both sides of the equation: This will get rid of the fractional exponent. (2x⅔)³ = 8³ Simplify the equation: 8x² = 512 Divide both sides by 8: x² = 64 Take the square root of both sides: √(x²) = √(64) Simplify to find x: x = ±8 Therefore, the solutions for x are 8 and -8.

What is the factors of x square-42x equals 441?

x2 - 42x + 441 = (x - 21)2

Find the x-intercept of the equation x plus 2y equals 8?

x+2y=8 The x-intercept is the value of x when y=0, therefore substitute y=0 into the equation: x+0=8 therefore, x=8 The coordinates of this point is (8,0)

How do you find value of x of 5x-8?

you just equal that equation to 0, then you solve for x 5x-8=0 5x=8 x=8/5

X squared plus 16x plus a equals parenthesis x plus b parenthesis squared In the equation above a and b are constants if the equation is true for all value of x what is the value of a?

a=64 b=8 (x+16x+64)=(x+8)^2