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amazing view!

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Q: What is the view like in the MEN arena block c row b seats 15 and 16?
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What is the view like from Block 413 in the O2 Arena?

A bit like the view from 412

What is the view like in block 107 at the London o2 arena?


What are the best seats at the nia Birmingham?

block 02 lower block 11 lower block A, B or C on ground floor BLOCKs 01 and 12 are the worst in the arena as the view is restricted and they are almost sort of behind the stage

Is block C row 23 good seats at motorpoint arena sheffield?

actually block C is standing area so you won't be able to sit down but it will be a good view because you're right at the front.

Is block E2 in wembley arena a good view?

The E2 section is stage centre but at the back of the area - Whilst its a good direct view with little obstruction it is quite away back

What recourse does a person have if they bought a lake view home and the person that owns the vacant lot in front lets the trees grow up and block the view?

Lake view Home:The viewing houses should be arranged in the same way as if seats in a cinema theatre. No one has right to block the view of the lake.

Do you get a good view from the second tier block 204 in the Motorpoint arena Sheffield?

Yes it's 4 blocks from the stage Thank you very much :)

Where can you view arena photos?


Are seats in section 12 row x seats 3-4 good places to sit at the comcast center?

Not really. This is the last row of the farther section from the stage. The only good thing about that section is that it is near the center of the arena (the side sections are an even worse view).

How much are WWE smackdowm tikets?

It depends on where you want to be seated in the arena. The further from the ring you are, usually the cheaper the seats are. Floor seats are always pricey but for good reason. Tickets located in the stands often start at $15 dollars but for a good view, look at paying anywhere from $40-60 dollars.

Does Yankee Stadium have bad seats?

There are seats that are better than others, which is usually determined by the price of the ticket. Like any other stadium, there are seats to far away or to high up in the stadium to get a very good view.

Do Liverpool fc sell goodeseats?

No idea what "goodeseats" are but they do sell good seats for viewing a game. Be careful though because some seats at the back have a bad view and there are pillars which means people seated behind them have a restricted view. You can go on the Liverpool FC website and view a seating map which will show where the restricted view seats are. 99% of the seats are very good for a game experience.