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Q: What is the volume of a liquid in science?
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What is a graduated cylinder used in science?

measuring liquid volume

Changes shape but doesnt change volume?

the answer is liquid... as my science teacher says.

What is the definition of liquid volume in science dictionary?

Liquid volume in science refers to the amount of space a liquid occupies and is typically measured in units such as liters (L) or milliliters (mL). It represents the quantity of liquid present in a given container or space.

Science- formula for volume of a liquid?

f=2e l=12 is the formula.

How are graduated cylinder use in science?

they are used to measure the volume of a liquid. short and simple for you.

What are the 3 states of matter in science?

The three states of matter in science are solid, liquid, and gas. In a solid, particles are tightly packed and have a definite shape and volume. In a liquid, particles are close together but can move past each other, taking the shape of their container. In a gas, particles are far apart and have neither a definite shape nor volume.

Can you give me an example for volume in science?

Volume is the area times the height of an object. V=AH. Volume is the amount of liquid contained in a 3 dimensional object. Hope this helps. Math

What is used for measuring liquids in science?

A graduated cylinder or a volumetric flask is commonly used for measuring liquids in science. These instruments are designed to accurately measure the volume of a liquid.

What does liquid mean in science terms?

In science, liquid refers to a state of matter characterized by its ability to flow and take the shape of its container. Liquids have a definite volume but no definite shape. Examples include water, alcohol, and oil.

What is a mesuring cylinder for in science?

The use of measuring cylinder is to know the perfect mass of an irregular object and to find the volume of a liquid

What does the word liquid mean in science?

In science, "liquid" refers to a state of matter that has a definite volume but takes the shape of its container. Liquids flow and can be poured, but do not expand to fill the entire space of a container like gases.

What is dead volume HPLC?

The dead volume in HPLC is 137.45. The dead volume in science is used in retention measurements and also in thermodynamic studies and the abbreviation HPLC stands for High Pressure Liquid Chromatography.