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Q: What is the width of a kids hand?
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What is the width of an adults hand in the metric system?

The width of an adult's hand is typically around 8-9 centimeters in the metric system.

What is the width of a 4th graders hand?

10 miles

Does your handspan depend on your height?

It is the length and width of your HAND

What is width of an adult's hand in centimeters?

its decimeters i think.....

What does a baby looking two kids coloring kids raising there hand and kids jumping have in common?

what does baby looking, two kids coloring kids jumping and kids raising their hand have in common

What is the measurement and width of a male hand?

The male hand varies quite considerably between individuals.

What is about the width of an adult's hand?

About nine inches, referred to as a span.

What is the approximate length of the hand in inches?

There is actually a set measurement for a "hand". The length of a hand is 9 inches and is called a "span". the width of a hand is 4 inches.

What is the width of a hand on a clock?

Different clocks have hands of different sizes.

What metric unit is used to measure the width of a human hand?

The width of human hands vary considerably from person to person, female to male. Also, the width will increase if the hand is pressed down flat on a hard surface and then measured. The best thing to do is to measure your hand and use that measurement.

Can you measure and inch with your hand?

generally speaking in the horse world the width of the palm of a hand is approx. 4 inches across

How do you find the perimeter of a rectangle if you have the length and the area?

Area = Length*Width so Width = Area/Length. Therefore the Width can be calculated. Then, perimeter = 2*(Length + Width) and everything on the right hand side of the equation is known so the perimeter can be calculated.