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A square.

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Q: What is the word that means a shape that has equal sides?
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What is the word for a shape that does not have equal sides?

Depends, what shape are you talking about? Is it a triangle with no equal sides?

What does the word regular mean for a geometric shape?

It means that the sides are of equal lengths and that the interior angles are of equal sizes

What does the word congruent means?

congruent means that all sides of the shape or object are equal to each other and are the same.

A shape with equal sides 7 letters?

i need to finish my homework the answer to this a 7 letter word for a shape with equal sides

Which tri word means a shape with three sides?

A triangle.

What does the word polygon mean?

It means a shape of many sides.

What is the word that means triangle with no equal sides?


Are all of the sides of an equilateral triangle same length?

Yes. The word 'equilateral' means 'equal' and 'lateral means sides, so an equilateral triangle means all of the sides are 'equal' or 'similar.'

What word means having all sides equal?


What is word means all sides not equal?


Does an equilateral have congruent sides?

By definition, an equilateral triangle has congruent sides. "Equi"has the same root as the word "equal," which is synonymous with "congruent," and "lateral" is based on the Latin word for "side." Thus, the word "equilateral" actually means "equal sides," which means they are "congruent."In fact, an equilateral triangle has three equal sides and three equal angles.

What are the name of two quadrilaterals in which all the sides have equal length?

First of all, quadrilaterals are just shapes with 4 sides! The word "quadrilateral" comes from the Spanish word "cuatro" which means four. One shape that has all sides equal length and is a quadrilateral is a square. Another one is a rhombus. Because it has 4 equal sides that are the same length. That easy! I hope this helps!