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32500 is 325 "hundreds" so 7 times that ie 2275 is your annual interest.

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2010-04-17 17:13:30
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Q: What is the yearly interest payment on a 32500 loan having an interest rate of 7 percent calculate as simple interest?
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Calculate the PV of a bond having 5 years to maturity a face value of 2000 annual payment of 50 and a market interest rate of 5 percent?

PV = $1,783.53 =PV(5%,5,50,2000,0) PV( interest_rate, number_payments, payment, FV, Type )

How do you Figure out a payment on a loan?

Loan payment is a function of the following: Number of periods the loan will be payed (e.g. 36 months) Interest rate per period The loan amount After having all of this use excel PMT function to calculate the payment

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How do you calculate student loans?

If you can, pay interest during your grace period or periods of deferment/forbearance to avoid having interest capitalized (added to your principal) on unsubsidized loans, PLUS loans, and subsidized loans that have lost interest subsidy. Outstanding Balance1: $26,830 Interest Rate: 6.8 %

What are the benefits of having a bimonthly mortgage payment?

Actually, there several benefits of having a bimonthly mortgage payment. One of the benefits is for example the faster pay-off of the loan. Another benefit would be less total payments for the loan - mainly because of less interest payments due to the faster pay-off.

How difficult is it to get mortgage loans with bad credit?

It is not the difficulty of attaining a loan, but attaining a loan with a reasonable interest rate or down payment requirement. After events such as filing for bankruptcy or having bad credit, people giving out loans may require as much as 25-30% of the loan in a down payment with extremely high interest rates.

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Interest on old taxes?

Will be collected. Penalty may be abated. You had the money, you had the benefit, you will pay the interest you should have made on having it. The amount or percent is set in a schedule that changes every so often. Interest becomes tax and the government has the same power to collect it as it does a tax.

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