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a cylinder

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Q: What is this 3 dimensional figure a cross section that can be circle or rectangle and the object has to faces?
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What is the definition of two dimensional?

A figure that has length and width but not height (ie, a plane figure such as rectangle or circle)

What is the cross section of a circle?

The cross section of a circle is a circle. A circle is defined as a plane figure (i.e. 2 dimensional object) with a constant radius in both dimensions. Since a cross section is, by definition 2 dimensional, a circle's cross section is the circle itself.

What three dimensional figure has a cross section of a triangle and the view from below is a circle?


What is any three-dimensional figure?

A cube is a 3d square. A sphere is a 3d circle. A prism is a 3d rectangle.

What is the dimension of a rectangle?

Rectangle is a two-dimensional figure.

Frustum of a rectangle?

Since a frustum is a portion of a solid, three-dimensional figure, and a rectangle is a plane, two-dimensional figure, there can be no such thing as the frustum of a rectangle.

Which two-dimensional figure could be a cross section of a rectangular pyramid that has been intersected by a plane parallel to its base?

A rectangle.

What geometric shape is more efficient than rectangle for volume?

Because a rectangle is not three-dimensional it does not contain a volume but an area. A geometrical figure that is more efficient than a rectangle for area is a circle.

Is a rectangle a 2 dimensional figure?


How do you draw a net for a three dimensional figure and the figure is a right circular cylinder?

Draw a rectangle for the side of the cylinder and on top and bottom of this rectangle 2 circles for the base and the top of the cylinder The rectangle width would be the diameter of the circle large and the same height that the cylinder

How do you find the mass of a square or rectangle?

A square or a rectangle is a 2-dimensional figure. It can have no mass.

How many cube fit in a rectangle?

None.A rectangle is a 2-dimensional shape and therefore no 3-dimensional figure, such as a cube, can fit into it.