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A parallelogram, or selected irregular polygons with 5 or more sides

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Q: What is this shape exactly two pairs of parallel side?
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What shape has 2 pairs of parallel side but is not only parallelogram?


Do rectangles have exactly one pair of opposite side parallel?

They have two pairs of sides that are parallel. Trapeziums have exactly one pair of sides that are parallel.

What shape has one parallel side only?

Answer: trapezoid Answer: There is no such thing as "one parallel side". Parallel refers to the relationship between TWO lines - so, two lines can either be parallel, or not be parallel. A shape can have one PAIR of parallel sides (e.g. a trapezoid), two PAIRS of parallel sides (e.g., a parallelogram), or more than that (e.g., a regular hexagon has three pairs of parallel sides).

What is a shape that has 2 pairs of parallel side no right angle and 2 equal sides?

It's either a parallelogram or rhombus

How many pairs of parallel side in a trapezium?


What shape is a 2 dimensional figure with 2 pairs of parallel side and all the angles have the same measure and all your sides are the same length?


Does a trapezoid have to have parallel side?

Exactly one pair of parallel sides.

What shape has exactly two pairs of equal side two equal angles and one line of symmetry?

The shape is called a "kite" - which fits well with the shape of a lot of the kites flown for fun.

Do parallelogram have both pairs of opposite sides are parallel yes or no?

no only one side is parallel

Has a rhombus only have 1 set of parallel side?

A rhombus has two pairs of parallel sides.

How many pairs of parallel faces are in a cube?

3A cube has three pairs of parallel faces:I. Top / bottomII. Front / backIII. Left side / right side

What shape has two pairs of parallel sides but is not a parallelogram?

|\/**\/| |/\__/\| an irregular shape like the one poorly represented above. the top horizontal sides are parallel and the side vertical sides are also parallel, but there can be other non parallel sides like the \/'s an /\'s. depending on the situation this question is being asked for this answer might be adequate. hope this helped. p.s. the in the middle of the shape can be ignored because they are there only to hold shape (spaces didn't work) and the asterisks at the top should be a line (same reasoning) Any regular even-number sided polygon will have at least two pairs of parallel sides. A regular hexagon will have 3 pairs of parallel sides.

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