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3/5 = 60 percent

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Q: What is three fifths into a percent?
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How do you get three fifths of circle is what percent?

60 percent

How do you write three fifths 35. percent?

three fifths in percent is 60% and not 35%. 3/5 * 100% = 300%/5 = 60%

What is three fifths in percent sign?


How do you say 3.75 percent?

three point seventy five percent. or three and seventy fifths percent.

Which is greater four fifths or 60 percent?

60% is equal to three fifths, so four fifths is greater

What fraction of a pound is 60 percent?

It is three fifths.

What is the fraction form of 60 percent?

Three fifths

What is three and five fifths equal to as a percent?

three and five fifths as a percent = 400% = 3 5/5 = 3+1 = 4 = 4 * 100% = 400%

What is 60 percent as a fraction and canceled down?


What is two and three fifths as a percent?

23/5 = 260%

What is 60 of a percent in words?

That would be three fifths of your sentence.

WHAT IS equivalent to sixths-tenths?

three fifths, 60 percent