What is true of a rectangle?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Q: What is true of a rectangle?
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True or False: A square is a rectangle?

True, a square can be classified as a rectangle - a rectangle must have 4 - 90° angles and it CAN have 4 equal sides. A rectangle cannot be classified as a square.

Is any fact that is true for every rectangle is also true for every square?

No. "The lengths of adjacent sides can be different." True for a rectangle, not true for a square.

What is true of the diangonals in the rectangle that isn't true of the diaagonals ofthe parallelogram?

Diagonals are equal in a rectangle but not in a parallelogram.

Is it true that a rectangle is a parallelagram?

Yes , yes it is true :)

What is a quadrilateral with four right angles-?

A rectangle is a quadrilateral with four right angles True (Apex)

Is this statement true or falseIf a quadrilateral is a square, then it is a rectangle?


A parallelogram has a right angle then it is a rectangle true or false?


What is true about a rectangle?

It has 3 sides.

Is it possible to draw a rectangle that is not a square?

it is possible to draw a square that is a rectangle?

What shape is a rectangle?

South Dakota.----Many have a rough shape of a rectangle, but Wyoming and Colorado seem to be nearest to a true rectangle.

True or false if a parallelogram inscribed in a circle it must be a rectangle?


If a quadrilateral has a right angle then it is a rectangle?

not true