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Q: What is twenty-five percent of sixty?
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What is twenty percent of twentyfive thousand dollars?


What is two and one half percent of twentyfive?


What percent is equal to ten-twentyfive?

10 out of 25 is 40%

What is 80 percent of 5 dollars and twentyfive cents?


What is the percent of thirteen out of twentyfive?

52%= 13/25 * 100%= 0.52 * 100%= 52%

What is sixty percent of sixty?


According to the CDC what percentage of premature deaths in the US population can be attributed to inadequate access to medical care?

Twentyfive percent

What is twentyfive percent of 4000?

25% of 4000 = 25/100 of 4000 = 25/100 x 4000 = 0.25 x 4000

What do sixty percent of women want their men to do for them?

sixty percent of women want their men to do all of the women chores for the.....

Does sixty percent means the same as 60 over 60?

No, sixty percent means 60 over 100.

What percent of the world is anti-american?

Sixty percent of the world is against America and only ten percent of theAmerican population notice that sixty percent of the world hates them.

What percent of men work?

sixty nine percent.