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Q: What is two fourths of one hundred sixteenths?
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What is two thirds of four and one fourths?

one and four sixteenths

Express the fractions three fourths seven sixteenths and five eighths with the LCD?

Three fourths, two fourths, three fourths.

What is two-fourths times five eights?

Five sixteenths.

What can two sixteenths also be?

One eighth (1/8), four thirty-seconds (4/32), eight sixty-fourths (8/64), sixteen one-hundred-twenty-eighths (16/128), etc. In decimal it is .0125.

What is five two time two fourths?

Five sixteenths.

What is one half of two thirds of three fourths of one hundred?

The answer is twenty-five (25).

What is two plus two times the square root of the denominator of five hundred one forty fourths?


What is the same value to one fourth?

two eighths, four sixteenths, eight thirty-secondths, sixteen one hundred twenty-eighths, etc.........:)

Is one hundred fifty five two hundrdedss equivalent to three fourths?

No. Not even if the words were spelled correctly.

What is three fourths times two?

If you multiply the fraction three-fourths by two you will get six-fourths. If you change that improper fraction to a mixed fraction you will get one and two-fourths. The two-fourths reduces to one-half. There fore three-fourths times two is one and a half.

What is one fourths plus two fourths equals?

three fourths

What is two thousand four hundred nine and four sixteenths in decimal form?

4/16 = 0.25 2409.25