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daily life use in geomatry

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Q: What is uses of geometry in daily life?
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What are the uses of geometry in daily life?

Answerlike using geometry in buildings

What are the application of geometry in your daily life?

Geometry has many uses in daily life. You use geometry when doing home improvement projects such as finding square footage, reupholstering furniture, or laying new flooring.

What is the definition of geometry in daily life?

Definition of geometry in daily life is the use of geometry that is useful or practical in life. This might mean using geometry to build things like a carpenter.

How important is geometry in your daily life?

if no geometry in our life, we can't do the other things if we dont have geometry.

Important of geometry in your daily life?

geomatery is no use

How geometry contributes in your daily life activity?


5 uses of geometry in daily life? astronomy 2. in molecular modeling 3. in automobiles and technology 4. in architecture 5. in textile layout

What is the application of analytic geometry in daily life?

analytical geometry is extremely useful in solving the geometrical problems

How someone uses geometry in his or her job?

Architects and engineers, for one. They use basic geometry to find the area of certain buildings and other structures daily.

How is geometry in daily life eg in architecture games etc?

example ;car

Uses of perimeter in day to day life?

uses of the perimeter in daily life is for example....................

What are 3 frictions in your daily life?

Friction has numerous uses in daily life. Three of these uses are:-Gripping the foodApplying brakes in a vehicleFor walking