What item is smaller than 1cm?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What item is smaller than 1cm?
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How bigger is 12 mm smaller than 1 cm?

1cm = 10mm So 12mm is greater than 1cm.

How much smaller is a millimeter than a centimeter?

Ten times smaller:1cm = 10mm1mm = 0.1cm

What household item is 1cm long?

A pencil is about 1cm thick

Is a centimeter bigger than an inch or smaller?

One inch is equal to 2.54cm, or conversely 1cm is 0.39 inches.

Which is larger in inches 7mm or 1cm?

1cm = 10mm Therefore 1cm is larger than 7mm

Is a meter smaller or larger than a millimeter?

a meter is larger than a milimeter. There are 10mm in 1cm and 100 cm in 1 meter. So there are 1000 milimeters in a meter

How many times do 15cm go in to mm?

there are 10 mm in 1cm so do the math 10x15= 150 mm ( mm are smaller than cm )

What are these tiny worms in your indoor palm tree soil?

Probably fungus gnat larva. They wiggle around on the surface of the soil when you water it and are smaller than 1cm.

Which is greater 1in or 1cm?

1inch is bigger than 1cm as there is 2.5cm's in 1inch. Hope this helps :)

I was 2cm dilated last week and this week am 1cm. How is this possible?

It could be from different doctors. Was it the same doctor? One doctor may have had smaller fingers than the other.

How many 1cm cubes fit in a 12cmx12cmx11cm cube?

There would be 1,452 1cm cubes that fit in a 12cmx12cmx11cm cube. This is determined by multiplying the dimensions of the larger cube together (12x12x11) and dividing by the volume of the smaller cubes, which is 1cm^3.

What is smaller than Rhode Island?

well rhode island is the smallest state of item on the globe but most things like you and i are smaller also