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Certain people use spreadsheets in their jobs. Some of these people are:

  • Accountants- they use spreadsheets in their jobs to work out formulas quickly and to keep records

Teachers- use spreadsheets to keep track of children's progress and... Alot of other jobs involving numbers

You can use spreadsheets in almost any job.

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Q: What jobs use spreadsheets?
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3 jobs that use spreadsheets?

Three jobs that use spreadsheets could be: 1) Accountant- they use spreadsheets in their jobs to work out formulars quickly and easily! 2) Teacher- they use spreadsheets to keep track of how well progress childeren in their class are making. 3) Tax Payer- they use spreadsheets to calcutlate tax and create a chart for that information. Hope that helps!

Why do we use spreadsheets?

We use spreadsheets for collecting and calculating data.

What businesses use spreadsheets?

The most popular businesses that use spreadsheets are Google and Microsoft.

Why you use spreadsheets?

you use spreadsheets for the total of a sequence of numbers and how much things will cost.

What do teachers use spreadshhets for?

Teachers can use spreadsheets to teach their class about using spreadsheets. But, more likely, teachers use spreadsheets to hold data on their pupils progress in a database form.

Why do builders use spreadsheets?

builders use spreadsheets for keeping track on how much people pay for the building work

What can companies use spreadsheets for?

Companies can use spreadsheets to track earning expenses, budget amounts, also for sorting, filtering, and reporting data. The list is endless of the different ways companies can use spreadsheets.

What application software do you use for spreadsheets?

The Microsoft Excel program is a common program for spreadsheets.

Do acountants use spreadsheets?


Can you use graphs in spreadsheets?


Why do people use spreadsheets?

People use spreadsheets to use for some important tables of registrars to createPeople use spreadsheets because it is a good way to chart information and the software will work out the calculation for you if you use the correct formulaAccountants use spreadsheets to keep track of the amounts spent and received. All firms use spreadsheets to help organize and check their work so that they know they are correct. It is a way to imput data in an orderly fashion.

What do teachers use spreadsheets for?

Teachers may use spreadsheets to keep track of grades. Also in some schools they can be registers.

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