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Its a Rugby ball

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Q: What kind of ball is used in rugby?
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Is a rugby ball a new zealand symbol?

No, they have the Fern emblem worn on their Jerseys . The Rugby Ball emblem is used by the IRB

What kind of balls are there?

tennis balls football rugby ball and oder

How high can a rugby ball bounce?

That depends on the elasticity of the material used to make the rugby ball, the pressure to which it is inflated, and the force exerted on the ball to make it bounce.

Which ball is bigger a rugby ball or an American baseball?

A rugby ball

What is the ball you play rugby with called?

Its called "A Rugby Ball" simple as that - There are different manufactures of these balls but they are all a rugby ball

What is the rugby ball called?

A Rugby Ball. there are no other names for it

How was the rugby ball originally made?

how was the rugby ball originally made

When was the rugby ball inveted?

Richard Lindon, a leatherworker in Rugby, England, designed the rugby ball in the 1840s.

What is rugby played with?

A rugby ball

What is the name of the rugby ball?

You use a rugby ball to play rugby. It is shaped like an egg.

What games did Victorian children have or play with?

football with kind a brown volleyball with laces(like rugby ball)

What is the difference between a supporter rugby ball and a replica rugby ball?