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Q: What landmarks cover one quarter square mile?
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How many square miles in a quarter section of land?

1 quarter of a mile square. Each section is 1 mile square so a quarter section is 1/4 mile square.

What is one half mile times one half mile?

One half mile times one half mile is equal to one quarter square mile.

What is one quarter mile squared equal to in acreage?

A quarter mile squared is 1/16 of a square mile = 40 acres.

How big is Pompeii in miles?

About a quarter of a mile square

How many miles in a quarter section?

A quarter section of land is 160 acres, and one acre is approximately 0.0015625 square miles. Therefore, a quarter section of land is about 0.25 square miles.

How many acres in half mile by quarter mile?

There are 640 acres in 1 square mile. So (1/2 mile)*(1/4 mile) = 1/8 square mile, or:(1/8 square mile)*(640 acre/square mile) = 80 acres

What is the demensions of 160 acres?

A typical 160 acre tract of land is a quarter section. A section is 1 square mile. Therefore, a quarter section (160 acres) is 1/2 mile x 1/2 mile (1/2 mile square).

How much is a 10 mile square of land?

A 10-mile square of land would cover an area of 100 square miles.

How many square mile do capillaries cover in our bodies?

Capillaries cover a total of 1,000 square miles

Why can quarter horses only run a quarter mile?

A quarter horse can run any length. They are best known for their ability to cover a quarter mile quickly. In organized quarter horse racing, the point is to maintain the original use of the quarter horse. In fact, many thoroughbred horses can run a quarter mile just as quickly, and are heavily used in quarter horse racing bloodlines.

What is the area of a rectangular piece of land measuring one half mile by three quarter mile?

The area is three eigths of a square mile.

How far did a person walk around a quarter of land?

A quarter acre of land is 2722.5 square feet, so a little more than a mile. Mile=5,280 ft.