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There are many different types and styles of retractable clotheslines. They can really come in any different length as there is no set standard. You can get clotheslines in as little as several foot increments or as much as fifty feet.

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Q: What lengths do retractable clotheslines come in?
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Which stores sell retractable clotheslines?

Retractable clothes lines are a perfect way to dry clothes whilst minimizing the space used when the clothes line is not required. There are several stores which sell retractable clotheslines, below is a comprehensive list; Bed Bath & Beyond: This store sells a small and discreet retractable clothesline Walmart: They stock a 20 ft retractable clothesline which can be used both indoors and outdoors Sears: Carries a 40 ft retractable clothesline! Home Depot: Also carries a 40 ft retractable clothesline but you may have to order it online and then have it delivered for pickup at your local store.

If you were looking to buy a retractable clothesline what category of retailer is most likely to stock it?

The following retailers stock retractable clothesline: Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Corby of Windsor, Wayfair, Plumb Traders, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Quality Clotheslines.

Where can a person purchase a good and inexpensive clothesline?

You can buy a clothesline at Wallmart, homeoutfitters and others. Depending on were you live you may to have also choose a rack and a retractable clothesline as some apartment have restrictions on clotheslines.

How does a retractable clothesline work?

A retractable clothesline consists of a casing that holds a cord or line inside. When you want to hang laundry, you pull the line out of the casing and attach it to an anchor point on either side. Once your clothes are hung, you can retract the line back into the casing by turning a handle or pushing a button.

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