What makes a place significant?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: What makes a place significant?
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What makes life significant?

being awesome

How do you round 36499 to one significant place?

It then is 40000 to one significant figure

How are these catering establishments significant in choosing a place for dining?

The catering establishments significant in choosing a place for dining as per target market.

What is the significant of the bumuda triangle?

it makes people diapear

If an author makes a change to a story altering the time place or social environment in which the events take place he or she is changing the storys what?

If an author changes the time, place, or social environment in which the events take place, they are altering the story's setting. This can have a significant impact on the mood, tone, and themes of the story.

What is a significant number?

In statistics a significant number is a number that passes certain tests that makes the statistic relevant.

How many significant figures does 200.00 have?

8 significant figures. The decimal makes the first 5 zeros significant while the two zeros after the decimal are significant because there is a significant figure earlier (2).

How many significant digits are there in 0.321?

3. Any number that is not a 0 is a significant number. Rules for Significant Figures: 1. Non-zero numbers are always significant. (example: 1-9) 2. Zeroes between non-zeroes are always significant. (ex: the zero in 908 is significant) 3. All final zeroes to the far right of the decimal place are significant. (ex: the zeroes in 34.0 and 7.0 is significant) 4. Zeroes that act as place holders are not significant. (ex: the zeroes in 600 are not significant) 5. Zeroes before a decimal act as place holders and are not significant. (ex. the zero in 0.12 is not significant)

What is 0.004695 to 1 significant place?


Is cook town a significant place?


Why 0.85 is expressed in two significant fig?

The two significant digits are 8 and 5. Leading 0s are place holders and are not significant.

What is the rule about significant figures when multiplying or dividing measurement?

the decimal place in the quotient or product should be based in the decimal place of the given with the least significant figures