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making data reliable is by trying your answers out at least 3 times and then add them together and divide by how many answers you have.

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Q: What makes data results reliable?
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If two scientists do not get the same results from an experiment the data is reliable?


How do you know if the results of an experiment are reliable?

If after multiple trials you still get the same data or information

If the standard deviation of a group of data is the same are the results reliable?

It depends on WHAT the sd is the same as.

How does bias in the data affect experimental result?

Bias in the data is inaccurate data. Any error in data will yield false results for the experiment. Experiments by their nature must be exact. Many trials are not accepted until the results can be duplicated.

How does the scientific method help scientist?

it gets them reliable results.

Why Peer review important when publishing experimental results?

peer review makes the result more reliable

What are three features of reliable data?

what are three features of reliable data?

Why do you need to collect more data to obtain reliable data?

The more data you have, the more accurate your information. If you have a large amount of evidence of one result, it makes it look correct.

What two traits must a viable hypothesis have?

Among other things, it must be based on reliable data and repeatable experimental results.

What does reliable in science terms mean?

How accurate data is in the sense that you've repeated an experiment a number of times. I.e., one would answer the question 'how reliable were your results?' with something like 'they were very reliable as the experiment was repeated 67 times'.

What does reliable results mean?

Reliable results are results that are reasonably the same. e.g. if you did the same test 3 times and you got 13.1, 13.3, 13.3. this would be reliable

What is reliable data?

It is data you can trust