What means bottom?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: What means bottom?
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What does to get to the bottom of the mystery mean?

"To get to the bottom of" a mystery means to solve it. Getting to the bottom of something means to figure out the reason or explanation for it.

What is the definition of bottom?

"Bottom" means the lowest part or position.

What does the bottom line mean?

i think it means when you is done it is the bottom of the line

What does the root an means?

a root means a bottom part of the flower

What is a bottom oriented fish?

This just simply means that the fish are bottom dwellers.

What does lower quartile mean in math?

It means the bottom quarter, or bottom 25%

What is an abbysal plain?

it means bottom of the ocean

What does it means to get to the point?

Means spell it out. What are you trying to say or what's the bottom line.

What PTO means in letter?

It means: Please Turn Over at the bottom of a letter

What rhymes with tough and means the bottom of a sleeve?

what rhymes with tough and is the bottom of a sleeve

Does the apex have to be in the middle?

No. The apex usually means the "bottom"

What does it mean when the bottom of your lip is chapped?

it means they are dry