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Q: What number do you divide by -5 to get 2?
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I am thinking of a number if you divide it by 2 then divide that by 5 you get 15 what is the number?


How divide a number by one half?

to divide a number by any fraction you can multiply by the reciprocal ex) 5/(1/2)=5*(2/1)=5*2=10

What is the number by which you divide?

The number you use to divide an equation is called the divisor. For example, 10 ÷ 5 = 2, where 5 is the divisor.

How do you find two fifths of a number?

To find two-fifths of a number, you can multiply the number by 2/5 or divide the number by 5 and then multiply the result by 2.

What is the least postitive integer that is divisible by 1-10?


Find the smallest number that meets all of these conditions divide the number by 5 remainder 3 divide the number by 8 remainder 2 divide the number by 9 remainder 4?


Will 5 divide by 2 over 7 have a whole number?


Which number we divide by 5 or 6 we've a remainder of 2?


Why is 120 not a prime number?

because you can divide it by 10 and 2 and 5.....

What number can divide 110 and 100?

1, 2, 5 and 10

How do you change an improper fraction into a mixed fraction?

Divide the numerator by the denominator. The number above the line is the whole number and the remainder over the divisor is the fraction. For example: 37/5 Divide 37 by 5. The whole number is 7 (5 X 7 is 35). The remainder is 2, so the fraction is 2/5. The mixed number is 7 2/5.

Why is the number 5 odd but the number 10 is even?

It is even because you can divide 10 by 2