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2 - 6 = -4

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Q: What number is 6 less than 2 show work?
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How do you work out the 100th odd number?

1st odd number . . . 1 (1 less than double 1)2nd odd number . . . 3 (1 less than double 2)3rd odd number . . . 5 (1 less than double 3)4th odd number . . . 7 (1 less than double 4)5th odd number . . . 9 (1 less than double 5)Are you seeing a pattern yet ?6th odd number . . . 11 (1 less than double 6)7th odd number . . . 13 (1 less than double 7)...Qth odd number . . . . (1 less than double Q)

What is the work for if 25 percent of 45 is that number greater than or less than?

25 percent of 45 = 45*0.25 = 11.25 11.25 < (is less than) 45

Is 223 a prime number show your work?

the square root of 223 is less than 15, so we only need to test its divisibility by 2,3,5,7,11 and 13. If you try dividing by any of these you do not get a whole number, so 223 is a prime.

What is a situation in which decimals seem to work better than fractions to express a number less than one?


Some number increased by 10 is equal to 16? the number is 10 less than 16. Can you work it out now...?

A number less than 50 but is a multiple of 3 and 7?

Both 21 and 42 will work. ■

What number can you square to give you an answer bigger than 700 but less than 800?

both 27 and 28 when squared will work

What is a situation in which you would use fractions to express a number less than 1 What is a situation in which decimal seem to work better Math?

Whether fractions work better than decimals or less as well is very much a question of your preference.

Can I run a game with less than minimum requirements?

No. Even if you manage to get it to work, it will be excruciatingly slow.

Does division always mean smaller Why?

No. For example, 5 divided by 0.5 is equal to 10. In general, assuming you work with positive numbers only, if you divide by a number GREATER than one, the result will be less than the original number; if you divide by a number LESS than one, the result will be larger than the original number.

Do you have to show a doctor's note for missing less than three days of work?

Usually, employers do not require a doctor's note for less than three days of absense, but they can. If you think you may need a note at your job, you should ask your supervisor.

How do you find out largest prime number less than 1000?

Start with 1000 and work back, rejecting any composites that you find.