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Q: What number was the decimal system based off of?
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What is the advantage of having the binary number system to represent data inside the computer instead of the decimal number system?

They use the binary sysem because the number 1 means the switch is turned on and the number 0 means the switch is off. There is no way to use the decimal number system.

Who discovered the metric system and when?

The metric system was not discovered, it was invented. It kicked off in 1799, after the French revolution, when the earlier system fell into disuse. A new system, based on decimal multiples and based on the measurement units of mass (kilogram) and length (metre) was put in place.

Round off the number 3566.15 to two decimal places?

The number 3566.15 is already rounded to two decimal places.

Which operating system is Android based?

Android is an operating system based off Linux.

Round off the number 6.7277 to two decimal places?

rounded to two decimal places after the decimal point: 6.73

What are calendars based off of?

Calendars are based off of the solar system and how the Earth revolves around the sun.

Round off the number 03982 to two decimal places?


How do you round off the number 7.82 to two decimal places?


Round off the number 9.90 two decimal places?


How are decimal numbers rounded off to any given signiFIcant figures?

The rule is - whatever number of decimal places you're rounding off to - look at the NEXT number... For example - round 23.456 to two decimal places. The number in the THIRD decimal place is 5 or more so you round UP to get 23.46. IF the number had been 23.454, you would round DOWN to yield 23.45.

What is the least number that can be rounded off 4.2?

4.15 can be rounded off to 4.2 to one decimal place

The number pi is rounded off to 3.14 what is pi rounded off to eight places after the decimal?