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Q: What object is the shape of an isosceles triangle?
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Is there a shape starting with i?

How about the shape of an isosceles triangle

Can a isosceles triangle can be scalene.?

An isosceles triangle can never be a scalene triangle but it can take the shape of a right angle triangle

What shape am i i am a triangle with one axis of symmetry?

You are an isosceles triangle

Is isosceles a 2 dimensional object?

"Isosceles" is a type of triangle. Triangles are two-dimensional.

What is a Isosceles trangle?

An isosceles triangle is a triangle (3-sided, 2-dimensional shape), 2 sides of which are equal in length. Any triangle which is not equalateral

How do you spell isociles?

The correct spelling is "isosceles." An isosceles triangle is a geometric shape with two equal sides.

What is a 2-d shape with three corners?

equilateral triangle, isosceles triangle and a scalene triangle

What shape has 3 sides and 2 are the same length?

The answer to your question is a triangle but the triangle is an isosceles triangle

Which shape has 3 sides and 1 line of symmetry?

An isosceles triangle.* * * * *An equilateral triangle has 3 lines of symmetry, while an isosceles triangle has only one, and any other triangle (non-isosceles right triangle, or scalene triangle) has zero.

What shape has at least 1 line of symmetry but is not a isosceles triangle?

the shape is a heart.

If weRotation of a right angled triangle about its height what shape we will get?

An isosceles, possibly equilateral, triangle

What shape is a triangle with 2 equal sides and 2 equal angles?

Isosceles triangle.