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A quantitative observation.

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Q: What observation is the one that has to do with numbers?
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What is an observation involving numbers?

Quantative observation is an observation involving numbers or measurement. Qualitative observation is a type of observation that deals with numbers.

What is an observation that deals with numbers or amouts?

quantitive observation

What is an observation containing numbers and measurements?

A quantitAtive observation

What is an antonym for quantitative observation?

an observation not dealing with numbers

What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative observation?

The difference is that qualitative is wade with 1 of your 5 senses and the other one which is quantitative is an observation involving numbers.

What is an observation that deals with characteristics that cannot be expressed in numbers?

Qualitative observation.

What type of observation is one that used measurement?

An observation that involves measurement is typically referred to as a quantitative observation. This type of observation involves gathering data that can be expressed using numbers or quantitative values. Examples include measuring the length of a plant or recording the temperature of a liquid.

What is quantitative observating?

Quantitative observation describes number value while qualitative observation describes something specific without using numbers.

What is an observation that cannot be described or expressed in numbers?

A qualitative observation. For example, your gender, or the colour of your eyes.

What is main difference between qualitative and quantitative observation?

A quantitative [think 'quantity'] observation is an observation that you can relate specific numbers to. For example, a quantitative observation might be "It rained 1.5 inches yesterday." A qualitative [think 'quality'] observation is an observation that does not include specific numbers, such as "It rained a lot yesterday" or "It rained more yesterday than today."

What is the definition for Quantitative Observation?

Quantitative observations are observations with numbers

What kind of observation deals with numbers?