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Q: What organize data that can be sorted and filtered making them functional for lists and schedules?
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Why do you have functional areas?

Functional areas help to organize and coordinate activities within an organization by grouping together related tasks and responsibilities. This structure enables effective decision-making, enhances communication, and allows for specialization and expertise in different areas of the business. Functional areas also promote efficiency and accountability by clearly defining roles and goals.

What is Cross functional decision making?

cross functional decision making describes decisions for a common goal by integrated units of organization

How do you categorize your iPhone?

With folders, making it easier to organize.

Organize your time by making and sticking with them as best you can?

to-do lists

What kind of learners reveal their preference by making lists and turning them into priorities then schedules?

Time oriented

What is the difference between functional art and a non functional art?

Functional art is art that serves a purpose. A potter who creates tea sets is making functional art. Non-functional art refers to paintings and such pieces of art that are created to view and contemplate.

What can you do using table menu?

Using a table menu, you can organize information in rows and columns, making it easier to compare and analyze data. It allows you to display complex information in a structured format, such as pricing lists, product comparisons, schedules, and more. Tables also make it simple to add, edit, and format data for better presentation and readability.

How does making a tally chart help you organize data?

You can keep survey of all the information

Which characteristic denotes empowerment?

Decision-making power is held in the functional staff manager

What are the advantages of functional structure?

-delay in decision making - inter dependent factor Save

How does making a frequency table help you to organize data?

the answer is preety simple ok here... it helps u organize it because it shows the tally marks, the numbers,the names, and the title.

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